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How Can De-Escalation Training Be Applied to the Private Sector?



Chief John Escalante
Chief John Escalante
Northeastern Illinois
University Police Department


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In early 2015 the Police Executive Research Forum studied policing in the United Kingdom.  Specifically PERF examined the training given to UK Police Officers, who despite handling similar calls for police service as their US counterparts, responded to these same calls unarmed.  PERF focused on the National Decision Model (NDM) for Police in Scotland and the UK.  The NDM was designed to give police more time to assess what’s happening and to think through all options.  In the US the NDM became “De-Escalation”.

Individual police agencies in the US have adapted the concepts behind de-escalation to fit their policy and policy terminology but the basic concepts behind de-escalation have remained constant.  Time, Distance, Shielding, and Communication remain the core principles behind de-escalation.  In October 2016 PERF released training recommendations on de-escalation that they now call ICAT – Integrated Communications, Assessment, and Tactics, which is another name for de-escalation.

This presentation will provide an overview of the how policing tactics in the UK are now being adopted by more and more police departments in the United States.  Many de-escalation tactics can be applied to the private sector, especially for those who often find themselves dealing with unhappy or angry clients or customers.  De-escalation will help anyone understand options to help diffuse a potential physical confrontation in the safest most effective way possible.


After attending the program you should be able to:

1.  Understand the meaning of de-escalation

2.  Identify how de-escalation tactics may apply to you

3.  Make informed decisions on your current policy

4.  Know where to find additional resources on de-escalation



John J. Escalante was hired as Chief of the Northeastern Illinois University Police Department on September 7th 2016.    John Escalante is a 30 year veteran of law enforcement having served more than 30 years with the Chicago Police Department.  John Escalante retired as Chicago’s First Deputy Superintendent on September 6th 2016.

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