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Kastle Systems Cara Howe
Client Services Manager Midwest
Kastle Systems
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Kastle Systems, privately owned/ operated since 1972, takes a specific approach to solving our clients’ ever-evolving security technology needs.  As a managed service, Kastle takes the weight of not only monitoring and maintaining equipment, but also of keeping the solution cutting-edge, bug-free, secure, easy to use, and relevant.  With a cloud-hosted approach, we are able to treat all of our deployed systems much like any smart device, by pushing those updates, software releases, and security patches out to the field devices proactively.  All of our clients run on the same version of our solutions, eliminating service delays and headaches.  Our managed approach benefits our clients in services similarly as it does in technology.  Keeping a watchful eye on the health of our systems and owning our technology allows us to keep our operations staff up to speed on all of our newest product releases.  Improving the customer experience, it also allows us to keep our technicians focused on one solution rather than having to be ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’  We pride ourselves on a single point of contact for our clients, with a single account manager, representing the large team of support they have behind them.  Our customer loyalty is bar none, with fewer than 7% of our client base cancelling in 2020 (many of those due to a pandemic)!  We do not take a shotgun approach—our target market is real estate.  The two pillars by which we define ourselves, technology and service, are tailored to that audience.  We know the needs of our clients, and we respond.  We are proud to include the highest profile of clients, from the SEC to GrubHub to CBRE, who raise the bar for us every day and allow us to continue to grow exponentially year over year.  Our regional presence in Chicago, established in 1992, includes not just a physical presence, but employee tenure that stretches back to the 80’s!  We have a wonderful team of people in the market who love serving our clients every day….and can’t wait to meet yours!


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