Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to ISPA's Volunteer area where you can volunteer for assignments that fit your interests, expertise and schedule.Here you will see short-term task forces as well as one-year term committee appointments.

The Process is easy!

Peruse the list of available task forces and committees in the "Volunteer Opportunities" list below. To read a detailed description of a specific committee or task force simply click on the title of the committee or task force. When you are ready to apply for a committee or task force, click on the specific committee or task force you are interested in and click the words "Sign-Up." It is as simple as that.

Opportunities can change over the course of a year so check back often to see what is available.Please note, to apply for a volunteer opportunity, you must be a member in good standing of ISPA.


Volunteer Opportunities 2021 Awards Gala Celebration
08-11-2021 (signup deadline)
Task Force meets virtually
One-hour meetings
Volunteer Opportunities 2022 Golf Classic

11-1-2021 (signup deadline)
Task Force
Meets virtually

Volunteer Opportunity 2021 - 2022 Education Committee 10-1-2021 (signup deadline)
Standing Committee
Meets virtually
1 hr. to 1.5 hour meetings
Volunteer Opportunity 2021-2022 Legislative Committee 11/01/2021 (signup deadline)
Standing committee
1 hour - 1.5 hour meetings
Volunteer Opportunity 2021-2022 Membership Development

10-01-2021 (signup deadline)
Standing committee
One hour meetings

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