ISPA provides unexcelled professional development opportunities and a trusted network of networking

As a professional organization, we are Illinois's premier organization for security professionals. The membership of ISPA continues to raise the bar for professionalism in the security industry. Your membership in the Illinois Security Professionals Association® (ISPA) will provide you with powerful and unequaled member benefits available only through ISPA. The benefits will include and not limited to the knowledge and skills required to excel and take your profession to the next level. 

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Member Value Proposition

The Illinois Security Professionals Association® delivers a strong Member Value Proposition defining the "Core Member Values" received by the members. Here are the defining core values of membership in ISPA:

  • Advocacy initiatives benefiting security professionals
  • Develop and strengthen contacts to help you advance in your career.
  • Network/collaborate with peers to solve problems, discuss issues, or capitalize on opportunities
  • Professional Education and Development
  • Receive recognition for exceptional achievement or valor
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