In Memorium

Commander Paul Bauer
18th District
Chicago Police Department

EOW February 13, 2018



Ryan AlbinRyan Albin
Illinois State Police
EOW: June 28, 2017





Thomas W. Begg Jr.Thomas W. Begg Jr.
Passed away April 24, 2017

Thomas W. Begg Jr. was a proven security executive and administrator with 45+ years experience in law enforcement, corporate security/investigations, bank administration and high-rise security and is recognized as a leading expert in the field of Corporate Security. In 2004, Begg was part of a new Jones Lang LaSalle Management Team that assumed the management and leasing of the Aon Center -- at the time, the second tallest building in the City -- and was hired as the Director of Security Life Safety. Begg states that high-rise security is a tremendous challenge in the post 9/11 era. On a daily basis, Begg oversaw the protection and maintained a safe environment for 10,000 tenant employees and visitors to the Aon Center. In December, 2015, Begg was awarded with the first Laurence P. Mulcrone Lifetime Achievement Award from the Illinois Security Professionals Association.



Police Officer Raymond Murrell
Bloomingdale Police Department
EOW January 19, 2017




Tyrone Hardin
Tyrone Hardin
Gideon 300 Security
Passed away November 26, 2016


James Brockmeyer
Officer James Brockmeyer
Chester, IL Police Department
EOW: October 28, 2016


Jason Gallero
Patrol Officer Jason Gallero
Cook County Sheriff's Department
EOW September 14, 2016




Scot Fitzgerald
Officer Scot Fitzgerald
South Jacksonville, IL Police Department
EOW March 4, 2016




Michael Smith

Michael Smith
Advanced Security Solutions Inc.
Passed away: January 27, 2016



Laurence P. Mulcrone



Laurence P. Mulcrone
Passed away: June 12, 2015



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